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Our investor base is located across Europe and the Americas. We only partner with high-quality Financial Services Providers. ​We Work with the following institutional investors: pension funds, insurance companies, banks, wealth managers, fund of funds, family offices, foundations and consultants.



Several Fund Managers do not recognize the importance of the Marketing function early on, usually don't achieve their goals for inflows of new capital. 

Marketing? Advertising? Branding? What are the differences?

Let us Propose Solutions to help you increase your Assets Under Management.

3PM: Third-Party Marketing


Are you an Investment Manager with a Solid Performance Record?

Have you been consistent in your Investment Approach?

So, Why don't you have more Assets Under Management?

There are 6 main reasons why Great Investment Managers might not be attracting new assets:



  • Inability to Tell the Story:  Your audience  -i.e. investors- need to be able to understand how your story helps them achieve their long term goals.

  • Outdated Marketing Material:  What do your materials actually say? How are they organized? Do they have a consistent look and feel across each piece? If you don’t like the results, Why would a potential investor like them?

  • Complete Lack of Objectivity:  Many managers are far too close to their portfolio management processes to be able to analyze and evaluate what they are doing compared to their competitors. What a manager views as “unique”  and “compelling” have been industry standard for a long time.

  • Marketing is the First Soldier Down:  When an Investment Firm has a tight budget, usually Marketing is the First Department to suffer. Sometimes it is hard to measure the ROI on Marketing Actions, but that doesn't mean that a Manager can avoid Marketing altogether. How do you expect to attract new assets with no Marketing Actions?

  • Expectations are far from being realistic:  "We will increase our AUM from 1 million to 10 billion next year". Really? Ambitious goals are a good way of keeping the organization motivated, but unrealistic goals are paralyzing.

  • Portfolio Manager+CEO+CIO+Salesperson+PR:  Distribution and Sales is a full-time job, which is usually fulfilled by someone having another full-time job within the organization. If you have outsourced many of your non-investment functions like Compliance, WebDesign, Legal Advice, perhaps it is time to outsource your Marketing and Sales function, too.

ALEXON CAPITAL LTD is an independent contractor that will promote, sell and present your Financial Services to new clients in new geographies, helping your organization to the problems detailed above.

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